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Choose Our Experts For A Quality Hardwood Flooring Installation

Don’t let just anyone install your hardwood floors. Let the professionals at The Carpet Shoppe take care of your hardwood installation. Our team knows proper installation techniques will prolong the life of your hardwood floors so you can enjoy their charm and beauty for years to come. We work closely with our manufacturers and understand the importance of knowing the difference between nail-down, glue-down, floating, and staple applications. Choosing the wrong method could void your warranty and cause your floors to split or warp. It is important to know that your hardwood must acclimate before your installation date. If your floors are not properly adjusted, you will see issues with the installation as seasons change. Drops in temperature and shifts in moisture content will cause your floor to split, buckle, or swell. You can learn more about the importance of hardwood acclimation by clicking over to our blog. Give us a call or send us an email to learn more about our hardwood installation services!



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